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Frequently Asked Questions

What color of net is the least conspicuous?

There is no one answer to this question, as it primarily depends on where the net is going to be used. In outdoor areas, darker nets are less noticeable than light-colored ones, as they contrast less with the background. Conversely, from a certain distance a light-colored net can appear like a wall, due to the heightened contrast. The same is true for the view to the outside (e.g. cat nets on the balcony). However, if the net is to be mounted directly in front of a white wall, white would obviously be the best choice.

In the case of thicker safety nets in indoor areas (e.g. staircase nets or loft bed nets), the color does not affect the visibility of the net. Here, you should base your decision on the colors of the surrounding area or on personal taste.


Are safety nets suitable for outdoor areas?

Yes. All the nets we offer are UV-stable and weather-resistant and therefore can be deployed outdoors without any problem.


Which measurement refers to the "length" and which refers to the "width"?

The measurements that need to be stated for the length and width refer solely to the two sides of a rectangle. You can rotate and reverse a net just as you like. It therefore doesn't make any difference which measurement you enter into which field. For instance, you can order a product measuring 300 x 500 cm or 500 x 300 cm. The delivered net or fabric would be the same in both cases.

Are the nets washable?

Our polypropylene and polyester nets can be washed at a low temperature without difficulty. The fabric tarpaulins/sheets on the other hand (in particular our item numbers 720 and 775) would easily shrink in a wash cycle.


Can the nets be colored?

Our plastic nets cannot be dyed without further ado, as the material absorbs commercial textile dyes only to a limited extent. If a white background is dyed with a strong pink, the net would assume a bright pink tone. Polyester nets tend to absorb paint better than polypropylene nets.

How long is the delivery period?

The current delivery period is shown for each individual product. For made-to-measure products, it varies between 1 and 4 days, depending on the product. If you order several products with different delivery periods, then the longest delivery period will apply to that shipment. Unless otherwise agreed, orders are always shipped as one complete delivery.

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