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Pool fences, alarms and gates are not a very comfortable options for the parents in regard of safety of kids. Many times these safety measures cannot prevent kids from drowning. Parents normally choose the complete control over accessing the pool . This net is customizable and can be fitted well on hard rocky surfaces, waterfalls or any new structures without any trouble and with perfection. They are extremely light weight and the task of fitting can be accomplished within the time of 15 min.

swim_bnr3 (1).jpg

The net also stays tangle free and supported by operating tension system, thus making it suitable for perfect fit. It can be removed when the pool needs to be used. A simple pulley is the solution for tensioning and give sit a perfect fit. The complete net kit will be provided with instructions and complete manual. The installer should be a person who has the maximum patience and knows the technique of fitting it perfectly. Please do contact us if you feel, we can do it

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